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Acting is a question of absorbing other people's personalities and adding some of your own experience.    

Paul Newman

WHITE Commercial - Corporate Training - Explainer Voiceovers Demos Why choose PeterWhiteVoices?

So, you’re looking for a voice actor.  Now, obviously you need the right voice. But that alone won’t guarantee the success of your project.   You need a voice talent that can also provide you with other critical factors including timely turnaround to meet your deadlines, quality audio to make sure your message sounds professional, and the ability to collaborate in real-time via phone patch, skype or ipDTL to ensure your message is conveyed just the way you want it.  Well, you’ve come to the right place. Consistently delivering all of that to satisfied clients... That’s what I do.

How it works:

Send  a script and accompanying background info to us through our  “contact us” page.  We will  perform and record the script, and send you back  a free, watermarked audition for you to hear, along with the dreaded paperwork. You decide what, if anything, needs adjustment. Things like speed, tone and emotion. Once this is nailed down and the text of the final script is set, I will voice it and  produce the final cut.  You make payment and I send you  the non-watermarked  final version.

Professional voiceovers are crafted every  day in our studios

The day begins at PeterWhiteVoices with a nice pot of steaming hot coffee. Mmm!  Then, off to the computer to see what is on board to do for the day. Scripts are arranged, printed out and marked up. Emails are  responded to, updating all who need updating, then off to the sound room.  Several takes are made of each script, and the sweet spots are found.  After that, if further producing is needed, like music beds, sound effects, video or the like, then the time for that is now.  When everything is just right, out the projects go.  More coffee.  Next thing to do is to hit the database and do some marketing, to both old customers and new prospects. Eeeps!  It’s already 4:30.  Time to finish the last of the coffee, clean up the studio and turn off the lights.  Ready for tomorrow!

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